Professional Teeth Whitening Options Explained

Both kinds of wine stain your teeth! Given the ever-expanding list it is no wonder that general dentistry practices have added teeth whitening to their list of services.

There are plenty of DIY options for teeth whitening and while some may work to a certain extent most are not quite as effective as the treatments that a dentist will perform.

Professional Teeth Whitening

As for other treatments, buyer beware as there are many different agents used in teeth whitening and since teeth whitening is considered cosmetic it is not under FDA scrutiny.

You probably have an idea of the various types of DIY teeth whitening systems you can purchase for home use so this guide will go over the different types dentists offer so you can go in better prepared to discuss your options.

Generally, there are two variables that dentists alter to carry out different types of teeth whitening: the concentration of the oxygenating agent (the whitening gel) and the way it is applied to the teeth.

There are two primary ways the whitening gel is applied to the teeth. Either through tray based whitening or in-surgery laser whitening.

The tray based whitening method is when the oxygenating gel is placed in a custom made night-guard worn for 10-14 days.

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It is the customization of the night-guard, and potentially the concentration and/or type of gel, that differentiates this method from the DIY products you can buy at a drugstore.

Rather than using a one size fits all tray, the dentist will have a tray made for your teeth, taking into account gaps, twisted or turned teeth and any other individual smile characteristics you have.

The In-surgery whitening is also known as laser or power bleaching. In this method the gel is significantly more concentrated than the tray based method and the process is accelerated by the use of heat or light. The power bleaching method can make your teeth sensitive and you may have a headache for about a day but this side affect goes away quickly.

You can maximize the effect of power bleaching by using a custom tray afterwards for whitening and maintenance.  People who want quick results, or who do not mind the sensitivity generally choose this “one stop” style of treatment.

No matter which option you think you’ll want the first step is to contact a dentist for a consultation.

As every clinic is different, you will need to discover what they offer and which one is the best for you.You will want to be comfortable with both the clinic and the dentist as you are trusting them with your million-dollar smile.

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The clinic will also screen you to make sure you are a good candidate as there are some health conditions that might make the procedure unsafe for you.

Once they have decided you are a good candidate and you have decided to go ahead with the procedure they will lay out steps for prepping your teeth before the procedure.

Now that you are armed with more information about teeth whitening, check out your options to a brighter whiter smile!