Political Campaigns On Social Media And Paid News Under EC Scanner

# Last Updated On: July 7, 2016 #

You may probably see it as a serious hunt to curbing the social media misuse for false political propaganda and social media hate mongering against political parties and political leaders this election. Election commission of India has told yesterday that the provisions of model code of conduct shall be applicable to the political campaigns through the social networks and internet.

In a media workshop held in Delhi, Director general ECI, Akshay Raut told media persons that political parties are required to take permission for political advertisements and expenditure incurred on the same must be reported to the authorities. ECI has already instructed political parties to furnish information about their official social media accounts active across the major social networks.

Rout added that EC’s Certification and Monitoring Committee will track the electronic and print media but tracking the social media is quite complex and doesn’t come under the commission’s ambit. He said that political parties have already been informed that they would be able to display only those advertisements that have a clearance from the commission.

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The model code of conduct and its legal provisions will also apply to the political advertisements running on social media. Rout asserted further that EC has constituted Certification and Monitoring Committee in every state to tackle the menace of paid news. The committee will give daily reports on advertising expenditure of the candidates. Paid news published in newspapers and magazines will be sent to Press council of India for scrutiny and those published in electronic media would be forwarded to national broadcasters association (NBA).

Story: Political Campaigns On Social Media And Paid News Under EC Scanner

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