PM Narendra Modi Joins Viber Public Chat, Followed By 6 Lakhs People Within Week


After making his presence felt over the leading social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, PM India, Narendra Modi  is now ready to talk to the people via Viber.  Modi recently joined Viber chat forum and within a week he has over 6 lakh followers in his list.

He has sent out his first message to Viber community on republic day. In his first message, Modi said:

‘Hello World! Great being on Viber’.

PM Narendra Modi Joins Viber

Narendra Modi On Viber Chat Now

He also shared a few pictures of the Republic Day parade along with links to his speech at the US Business Summit. The prime minister also shared an image of a stamp that US president Obama gifted him during his India visit. It was a commemorative stamp issued on 26 January 1950 and used on the back cover of a telegram sent to the US.

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Via the forum, PM Modi sent his obligation to everyone for their support on the special ‘Mann Ki Baat’ episode with the US President.

PM Modi is known for his affection with social mediums. He has always stressed on the digital medium to develop a better communication with the people. Ever since he became the PM, he started putting all the ministries, besides PMO on social media.   Interestingly, Modi’s much talked about ‘Make in India’ campaign to boost manufacturing was launched entirely online.

PM Narendra Modi Joins Viber

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