Pipes Can Be Used in Title And URL, Says Google

Google has been of the thought that Pipes can’t be used in page/post titles and can cause ranking issues if used otherwise. But now the search engine giant has another version to say.

Google’s Garry Illyes posted on Twitter that one should ignore using pipes in URLs, but it is fine to give them a place in Title tags. It hardly matters if you use pipes in Title or not. It doesn’t create any issue with search ranking.

See what John Mueller said in 2010 against using Pipes in URL and Title.

We’ll generally crawl and index any accessible and valid URL, I’m sure you’ll find many URLs with “pipe” characters in it in our index. That said, just because it’s possible doesn’t necessarily make it a good idea :-). Similar to using spaces in URLs, those characters may cause issues elsewhere, so personally, I’d try to minimize the risk of problems anywhere by avoiding those kinds of URLs.

-Pipes Can Be Used in Title

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