Pinterest Launches Product Pins and Shopping Recommendations

Pin based social network has been working hard to make pins more viable by adding more features.

Pinterest Product Pins and Shopping Recommendations

Now, Pinterest pins will be more convenient for shoppers as they will carry the links of the retailers that will let navigate users to the retailer’s product page.

Pinterest Product Pins and Shopping Recommendations

Moreover, these newly introduced product pins also include current pricing and indicate the status of product availability in the stock. To indicate that product is in stock, a shopping tag icon is given there which users can tap on to make an immediate purchase or explore more about the product.

With the feature in place, the company wants that users can buy anything they see in pins on the platform. The platform now enables users to discover new products in the new shopping recommendations section. The section can be found beneath the Style and Home pins.

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Pinterest Product Pins and Shopping Recommendations

These shopping shortcuts are pretty useful for the users who visit the platform for shopping. With the new shopping shortcut, buyers can shop right from the home feed by holding down on any Home and Style pin and tapping the shopping tag. Now a feed appears displaying related product pins that are currently in-stock.

Pinterest Product Pins and Shopping Recommendations

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