Piggy Coupon Codes App: Make Shopping on Mobile Pretty Awesome

Shopping on the mobile web can be a bit frustrating, minus a few good exceptions (cheers to you Groupon), but that’s quickly changing with the introduction of Piggy’s new app.

JoinPiggy.com , creators of “Piggy,” the 5-star rated Chrome coupon extension, have now developed the only automatic coupon and cashback app for mobile devices .

Automatic Coupon Codes App piggy

Now available for Android and IOS, the Piggy app does two things: It finds and automatically applies coupon codes while you shop, and pays you cash back even when there’s no coupons to be found. A big advantage of Piggy is that unlike other apps, it works in the background while you shop in your device’s browser. So now you no longer need to install multiple apps to shop on your phone or tablet.

Just install Piggy and you’ll never need to open the app again — except to check your cash back balance. Piggy pops up at checkout on Android, or via the share screen on IOS. All you have to do is tap Try Codes to automatically apply discount codes and redeem cash back. You’ll never have to repeat the tiresome process of searching and manually trying codes on your little screen. It’s effortless saving at it’s finest.

I tested Piggy on a few different sites, it didn’t save me money every time but it did save me $11 on a massage deal at Groupon and racked up $78 in discounts at Target on a bunch of household items plus cash back at both stores. I’ve been known to spend a considerable amount of time searching around for discount codes and inevitably give up in a heap of frustration. It’s nice to just tap a button and find out right away if there are any discounts or not. Piggy makes online shopping on your phone as easy as it is on your laptop.

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With a 5-star rating and over 200,000 happy chrome desktop users, Piggy’s patent pending app is the first and only automatic coupon app for mobile. Piggy co-founder and CEO John Anderson is a self-described frugal guy and really likes knowing that Piggy helps people stretch their budgets.

“I recently read a review from a teacher in Utah that saved $45 on art supplies for a class project. It’s hard to describe how proud that made me feel.”

According to Anderson, Piggy currently works on over 2,000 leading sites, including travel, food delivery, and retail, of course. The best part about using Piggy on mobile is that you don’t actually have to remember to use it. It will save you money without forcing you to jump through hoops. Shopping on mobile just became a whole lot better.

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While shopping on mobile devices has inherent limitations of smaller screens and keyboards, the recent addition of Apple Pay and Google Pay integrations to mobile websites are helping make checking out on mobile easier. With Piggy’s automatic coupons, getting the best deal on mobile is super easy. The mobile web may be finally having its moment.

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