Photograph vs 3D Product Rendering- What is Best for Business?

There is no denial in the fact that E-commerce has completely changed the way we shop. Nowadays, people search for the products they need through voice search, and they also need quick results so that they can shop at lightning-fast speed and without any hassle.

But this shift from traditional shops to E-commerce has posed a major challenge for retailers as well. This is because now the customer experience plays a major role in determining whether they will stick to your company or move to another player.

Photograph vs 3D Product Rendering

Photograph vs 3D Product Rendering

But in order to overcome these challenges, retailers are coming up with new technological solutions, and one such technological solution that is becoming a new normal in the industry is 3D product rendering.

When retailers plan to launch a new product or shift to the online platform, then they have the option of choosing between photographs and 3D product rendering. Well, most of the businesses are not able to decide between these two options, and this is why, in this blog post, we will go through an unbiased comparison between 3D product rendering and photography.

1. Realism

You can never compromise on the quality if you are looking forward to competing with top-notch retailers in your industry.

This is why most of the businesses are always concerned about realism when it comes to choosing between product photography and 3D product rendering. There is no denial in the fact that during its early stage, 3D product visualization was not very realistic.

But when you look at the current 3D product rendering quality, then you will not be able to tell which one is 3D rendered and which one is photographed.

Most of the realistic-looking pictures that you see on the online retail stores are CGI. 3D product rendering offers better color correction in comparison to photography, and this is why when it comes to realism, then 3D product rendering is way ahead of photography.

2. Cost

Businesses are always on the hunt for saving money without compromising on the quality of the options they choose and the same goes for when they are about to launch a product or start their online presence from scratch.

Well, if you will compare 3D rendering services with photography in terms of price, then you will notice that 3D rendering service is more cost-effective than photography, and this is another reason why companies opt for 3D rendering services.

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The best part about choosing 3D rendering services is that you will never have to compromise on the quality of the image while cutting down the cost.

Every year, the advancement of technology and the process being used in 3D visualization is making this technology quick and cost-effective. Getting a photograph of your product that matches the quality of 3D visualization can easily burn a hole in your pocket.

3. Speed

Creating digital marketing materials is much faster than doing a photoshoot, and this is why even in terms of speed, 3D product rendering surpasses photography. If you will miss a deadline and you don’t have the required photos of the product, then you will have no catalog to go out and sell your product, and because of this, you will miss many sales.

With no pictures, you will never be able to launch your product, and that is very normal since photography takes a lot of time. All your efforts to make the product successful in the market will go astray if you are not ready with the photographs on the product launch.

But you can skip all this hassle just by choosing 3D product rendering services.
The 3D product rendering service is very quick, and you are able to get the CGI of the product you are about to launch in minimal possible time. This gives you more time for marketing, and you don’t even have to worry about the quality of the product CGI.

4. Customization

Customers are always on the hunt for personalized service, as it gives them more power and control. You will be surprised to know that according to a research conducted by Deloitte, more than 71% of the customers who got the option of product customization were ready to pay even premium price for that particular product.

If you are looking forward to providing any customization feature in your product, then 3D rendering should be your first choice. This is because if you opt for customization through photography, then you will have to break the bank as it is very costly.

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Product customization is a very important aspect for e-retailers, and this is why you will need to go with 3D product rendering even when it comes to product customization. With the power of customization at a cost-effective price, you can easily attract your customers and make them loyal to your brand.

5. Flexibility

Once the photo shoot is over, you have no option of changing the layout, lighting, and details of your product presented on your website. The only way you can change these details is by organizing a new photoshoot.

But with 3D visualization, revision becomes a pie. It doesn’t matter at which stage you are; you can easily make changes and get the best effects. This flexibility allows you to make corrections even after the product launch, and this is why 3D rendering is a clear winner when it comes to flexibility.

So, if you are looking forward to creating a library of images that you can repurpose, then 3D product rendering will be the best choice for you. Repurpose and reusing can be the difference between a successful project and an unsuccessful project. Being able to reuse content with small changes can bring in a significant change in your business.

As you can see, 3D rendering services have many advantages over photography, and this is why if you are looking forward to a product launch, you should always opt for 3D rendering services without any second thoughts. From cost-effectiveness to better quality, you can harness many perks after choosing 3D rendering services.

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