Periscope Brings Superfans, Groups and Other Features To The App

Periscope, the Twitter owned live streaming platform has introduced three more innovative features for its users. The features aim at offering users more ways to connect.

Let’s begin with Superfans. Superfans is the feature that will help broadcasters find their top 10 viewers who are most engaged with the content. It will further enable broadcasters to get more insight into their biggest fans so that they can create more meaningful relationships with them.  An icon and a score will be used to denote each superfan.


Using the feature, user can see their own Superfans and can find if they are a Superfan of anyone else.

Another worth noting feature is ‘Groups.’ Similar to the WhatsApp, Group feature allows users to broadcast and share videos with specific groups of people. A user can create a group of their choice such as group of close friends, kin, coworkers, neighbors etc. A user can broadcast a video in the group once it has been created. Furthermore, every member in a group can add other users to the group.

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To boot more, users can now login to their accounts on the website and can share comments and hearts while watching live videos. The features are now available on its Android and iOs platforms.

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