Pepper Robots, Are they a breakthrough to us?

As we all know, technology has really diversified. I almost thought that having softwares or gadgets in your house, that could help you do your house chores just by controlling it from your phone, was the most amazing thing I ever came across.

Well, robots have been developed in the recent years by mostly Japan. Have you heard of Pepper?


If you have not, let me give you an insight on a robot created, but not just any ordinary robot, but one with actual emotions or exhibits real emotions.

Yes I know, this is just unbelievable and pretty much amazing at the same time. From the way things are going, I believe in the next few years, things will really have changed and we will be doing almost nothing as we will have helpers and things to help us in everything.

  • So, what is the pepper Robots? As I have said, these are robots that have been developed to exhibit human emotions. The robot was designed by French firm Aldebaran Robotics and handmade by Foxconn in China.
  •  This robot has already started being sold as so far 1000 units have already been sold out in Japan alone. 1000 units of orders have already been made and apparently, more orders are not being accepted just yet. This is wearable technology.
  •  As of now, it is not clear if the sale of the robots will go on internationally but the sale of the robots is expected to really boom. So you may wonder what this robot looks like exactly. It is four-foot tall and has some moving machine on wheels.
  • The robot is very charming and cute. On top of that, this robot has got some other added features which allows it to be considerate and very understanding. This robot will give you so much undivided attention, it is even a little bit freaky.
  • It will give you some small talk. After looking at you and listening to you, the robot can even offer advice that you may not have asked for or you may not have known that you needed it. This is new technology that is making rounds.
  • This robot can be very helpful and will give you so much attention even asking you how your day was. At the moment, the robot is going for $1600 which I would term as very much affordable considering its very distinct features.
  • So, what are the other features that Pepper has? This robot has got cameras, lasers and sensors that are located on its head to help it locate human heads.
  •  On top of that, it has got a display on its chest that usually offers some things such as reading, if you love reading, playing the radio and also showing the weather forecast. This goes to show that Pepper can also be very entertaining and helpful.
  • Pepper has been equipped with artificial intelligence and also an emotional engine that helps it read through your emotions yourself.
  • Another amazing thing about this robot is that it has also been programmed with its very own human-like emotions that will allow it exhibit some human emotions.
  • These emotions include that, it will show happiness if it’s praised or even the fact that the robot will get nervous when a room goes dark all of a sudden, the same way we humans react.
  • Pepper gets to read your emotions by looking at your facial expressions. Another thing is that this robot will move its head at whatever direction you move.
  •  The robot will make small talk with you on a number of topics. Even though the topics may at times become repetitive, do not forget the fact that Pepper is just a robot and not an actual human being.
  • Pepper does not need to be charged all the time as it can last up to 12 hours o9n a single charge. The use of these robots has really increased in Japan as the robots are even used in large firms.
  •  The robots have not been a very big success in other countries. On December, Nescafe hired 1000 pepper robots to work in home appliance stores in Japan.
  •  The work of the robots was to explain to customers the different appliances and help them choose on what appliances to purchase.
  • The robots also made small talk with the customers making the customers excited about shopping there. Some robots have been distributed in some firms for a trial basis.
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