Paytm Secures Wallet Payments With App Password Feature

In times, when demonetization is pushing the idea of e-payments and digital money at the forefront, safe digital transactions are the major concern. In a cashless society where most of the payments are done through digital currency viz. cards, cheques and wallets, it’s really important that these transactions should remain breach-proof.

Paytm App Password Feature Introduced


Paytm, the most popular mobile commerce and payments platform has finally made a move towards the safety of digital transactions made through this platform. On Friday, Paytm announced an app password feature for its Android app. The feature will enable users to set a password, pattern or fingerprint to secure their wallet money even if the owner’s phone is lost or misplaced.

As of now, the feature is up for Android users only and may soon arrive on iOs phones.  To update the feature in Paytm app, users need to go to Settings > Security > Screen Lock > Choose Screen Lock. Users can then choose Pin, Password, Pattern or fingerprint to protect the phone.

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This is how it works. Open your Paytm app and click on ‘Pay’ ort ‘Passbook’ option. A prompt will appear to ask if you want to enable this security feature. Now click on ‘Add Security’ feature. Here you can re-confirm the set password, fingerprint or pattern what you selected as the default protection.

Once reconfirmed, you are done with your new app password. From next time onwards, you will have to enter the password whenever you access ‘Pay’ or ‘Passbook’ feature of Paytm. Users can disable this feature anytime by sliding off the Security App feature under setting.

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