Paytm Integrates in-app Chat Feature with Encrypted Texting, Delete for All

Paytm, the India based e-wallet, has quietly added a full-fledged messaging feature on the platform. The feature will enable its users to not only send and receive money but also communicate to other members in the contact list using texts, videos and location from within the chat window.

Paytm Inbox Chat Feature Arrives

The feature, a direct dig at WhatsApp, offers end-to end encryption and message recall features, identical to Whatsapp’s one. With an in-built camera, the chat services will allow users to share images and videos with their contacts.

Paytm inbox chat feature


The feature is currently available for Android users, and will be rolled out for iOS users over a few weeks.

The highlight of the feature is its delete for all function that WhatsApp debuted recently. The only difference between the features on both platforms is the time cap they offer to recall a set message.

While WhatsApp has restricted ‘delete for everyone’ to work only if message was sent within 7 minutes, Paytm’s ‘delete for all’ feature is free from any such restriction.

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In its official release, Paytm says:

“We understand you may send something by mistake. You can recall a message whether to one person or a group by using the ‘Delete for all’ option. The good news is, there are no deadlines for this to work. Apart from this, the Paytm Inbox comes with Notifications, Orders and Games. Notification shows the cashback offers across all categories, Orders lets the user view the status and transaction update of any order and lastly there is Game.

To use Paytm Inbox on your Android device, update your app with the latest version (if you don’t find inbox tab at the bottom of Paytm homepage.)

Now, as you have updated app with inbox feature, tap on Inbox and you will now see all your contacts that are already using Paytm Inbox. Tap on the contact and start chatting.

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Paytm Inbox Chat Feature Added to Paytm App

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