Pandora Apple Watch App: Stream Music On Apple Watch Offline

So far, if you didn’t find a way out to get closer to your favorite tracks in offline mode on Apple watch, Pandora brings it for you.

Pandora Apple Watch App Announced

This means, you can listen to music right from the Apple Watch without tethering your iPhone. Apple Watch already offered users ability to stream music but lacked at giving them a way to stream playlists offline.

Now, Pandora Apple Watch App has finally brought the feature of offline playback in. The updated Pandora Apple Watch App enables users to access to remote audio playback controls.

With the latest version, users can Thumbs Up their favorite songs directly on the Now Playing screen. And the most power-packed addition in Pandora Apple Watch App is that it enables users to listen to music without an Internet connection.

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To render the offline playback on the Apple Watch, iPhones are no more the necessity. Users can now buy Pandora Plus or a Pandora Premium subscriptions to play music offline on the device.

With Pandora Plus subscription that costs $4.99/month you can enjoy unlimited music replays, unlimited skips, offline listening, and an ad-free experience.

Alternatively, Pandora Premium plan at $9.99/month provides users with higher quality audio, the ability to create playlists, and to search for specific songs.

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