Oracle Certification Path: Become an Oracle Certified Professional via Exam Dumps

Founded on June 16, 1977, the Oracle Corporation has become one of the most popular companies in the world. It is a multinational computer technology organization that also offers the certification program for all the interested individuals. There are more than 15 types of credentials for different products and each with various levels of knowledge that you can obtain. 1z0-809

Becoming an Oracle certified specialist gives you an edge in the IT industry. It measures your technical abilities and demonstrates to your employer and potential recruiters that you have the technical skills and knowledge required to function in a specific role.

In case you want to take up a database administration job position, there is a specific certification path to follow to achieve your goal. This article focuses on this track. Let’s get right into it.

General Overview of Oracle Certification Path

Oracle Certification Path

If your goal is to pursue the Oracle certification pathway and become a certified professional, the steps highlighted in this section are right for you.

1. Associate Level

The first step in the Oracle certification path is the Associate level. This requires that you pass two different exams. When you pass them, you will earn Oracle Certified Associate (OCA). This certificate equips you with the skills and knowledge required to take up the job roles of a junior database management team member or an application developer.

As already mentioned, there are two exams you have to pass to earn OCA. As for the first test, you will be required to takeOracle Database 12c: SQL (Read More). After this, you have to sit for the second exam – Oracle Database 12c: Administration (1Z0-062).

When you pass this second certification test, you will be qualified to obtain the Oracle Certified Associate credential. This is the first step in your journey towards becoming an Oracle database certified professional.

2. Professional Level

This is the second level in the Oracle certification path. The professional credential provides the candidates with advanced skills and knowledge. It includesCloud computing strategies, development and deployment of backup, and recovery.

Earning this certificate requires a lot from you. To get Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), you are required to take an instructor-led training course, a written exam, and submit a course form. It is important to mention that Oracle Certified Associate is a prerequisite for the OCP certification. You have to obtain OCA before you progress to OCP.

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Taking the best training from a wide selection of about 20 courses is a very important step. You can find the list of the available oneson the Oracle website. With the available course selection, you can choose the training that best fits your career requirements.

It is essential to mention that you cannot fulfill the requirements of the OCP course through self-study. You must take a virtual class, an instructor-led course, or an online training on demand. To start learning the course, you should check the PrepAway platform for various training courses that you can explore.

The next step after taking the course is to sit for Oracle Database 12c: Advanced Administration (1Z0-063). As soon as you doit, you can go ahead to complete the final step, which involves submitting a course completion form. When you submit this form, you will complete the whole process of earning your professional-levelcredential.

3. Master Level

This is the highest Oracle certification level that you can earn. Itqualifies you to take up a senior-level job position in the IT departments and handle sensitive database system applications and issues. To obtain this credential, you must first get OCP. After this, the next step to earning the Master level is to complete two courses from a list of about25ones.

It is essential to point out that some of these courses may be the same as those offered during your OCP certification process. However, you cannot use the courses you took to obtain your Professional level to fulfill the course requirements of the Oracle Certified Master (OCM) certificate.

This means you have to take fresh ones, which can be taken through an on-demand training or a virtual class.

After the completion of the course, you have to submit a previously completed one or one of the courses that you have taken during the OCM training. When you have submitted the training, proceed to take the exam to complete the certification process.

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It is very important that you pass the test in order to complete the learning prerequisite for the Oracle process. After the successful results, you will be required to fill a course submission form to validate that you have completed the required training to earn the Oracle Certified Master credential successfully.

In addition to the course submission form, you also have to submit a Fulfillment Kit Request, which is the final requirement in the certification process.


Generally, the Oracle certified administrators have the capacity and skills required to run databases at both the junior and senior levels. It all depends on the certification level of the professional.

Although the certification process entails memorizing theories and writing multiple-choice exams, there is no way to undermine the required knowledge and skills to gain the passing score. The applicants must go through the exam objectives and blueprint to be able to achieve the desired success.

Thereby,they need to get all the required knowledge to be efficient in their job roles as database administrators. In addition to this, the potential employers are sure that the specialists with the Oracle credential have the capabilities required to function in their field.

So, get all you need from the PrepAway platform, put all your efforts to prepare adequately, and you will earn highresults.

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