On-Page Optimization and Factors Affecting It

On-page optimization is supposed to be a part of SEO, dealing with almost all the factors found on your webpage that affect search engine ranking of your website. There are many a number of things coming under the province of on-page optimization and some of them include website URL, attributes of images, content, webpage title and meta description tags.

On-Page Optimization Factors

On-Page Optimization

Selection of Keyword

The first step for any of the search engine optimization processes is opting for the right types of keywords. Ideal keyword selection would surely make your on-page optimization a lot more convenient and fruitful.

Make sure that your keyword must be preferably long-tailed, but low in competition. For instance, think yourself as a customer who is surfing online for a specific product. Now, consider a word, which you would like to search on Google. Next, do a proper research on the strength and competition of your chosen keyword.

Page Title

The process of on-page optimization starts by optimizing your page title. Therefore, it is mandatory to include the keyword(s) in your title. Furthermore, it’s better to initiate your title with the keyword.

For instance, in case you are providing a “web development service,” you must start your title as “Web development that…”

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Optimizing Meta Description

The meta description is always found to be dealing with page code. Mostly, search engines make use of meta description tags for the purpose of describing their results. According to the rules of on-page optimization, the keyword must be included in your meta description tags.

Optimizing the URL

Just like your page title, your website URL should also possess the keyword. When you are looking out for enterprises based on web designing, the foremost option that Google’s search engine will search for are the URLs equipped with the keywords. Therefore, you should optimize your URL as per the rules of on-page optimization, so as to receive the best of it. No one is going to prefer URLs that appear like po+54iit5. So, optimize it.

Alt Attributes

Locating Alt attributes for images and other related content on your website must not be missed when you perform an on-page optimization. This will not just help you get high-rank pages in the webpage searches, but also provide good ranking in the image searches.

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There are considered to be some of the chief attributes, which should be kept in mind while performing search engine optimization for your webpage. In addition, there are also several other factors, which you need to think off with respect to the on-page optimization. You will earn much more by bringing customers towards your page.

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Awesome Guide about On Page SEO. This guide will help me a lot in my bloggin career. Thanks for sharing