Now Save Live Videos on Instagram for iOs and Android

For avid Instagram users, the social network is set to bring a new feature that users were requesting for since long. The latest feature included in the feature list will allow Instagram users save live videosfor offline viewing. This feature is now available with the latest version (10.12) of Instagram mobile app on Google and Apple’s play stores.

instagram live videos

The process of saving live videos is pretty straightforward. When live video broadcast comes to an end, users can save the video from the ‘save’ option given in the upper right corner. The feature is available for Instagram running on all compatible iOs and Android devices.

The feature is limited to saving live videos, as the comments, likes, number of viewers or any live interactions for the video will not be saved. Instagram says that this is only one of the many features they are about to introduce in future. Many amazing live video features are on the way.

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