Now Google Will Help You In Time Management While You Visiting Places

It seems Google, the search juggernaut, doesn’t want to limit itself as a search provider only with massive capabilities. Now, the company is set to help you in managing your time while you visit at certain locations. Google will be adding a new feature to its app that will show the average amount of time you spend at a certain location. The feature will currently be available to Google Search and may come over to Maps in coming months.

Time Management

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The function we are talking about is pretty straightforward. When a user search for a place in Google, a new section “Plan your visit” appear to the location card that says how long people tend to spend at that location. For an instance – “people tend to spend 2 hours to visit Golden Gate Park in San Francisco or they spend at least two hours at the Beach Chalet Brewery on the west side of the park, especially if you’re going at sunset.”

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The feature seems to be limited to popular tourist destinations, historic places, and maybe places like museums. Google may bring it to places like doctors’ offices, where there are a lot of waiting times, if it gets good user response.

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