Nokia Lumia To Become Microsoft Lumia Soon: Microsoft Begins Rebranding

Brand Nokia is all set to get dressed in new clothes. If Microsoft is to be believed, Nokia Lumia will soon be renamed to Microsoft Lumia for all the purposes. A number of steps taken by Microsoft have already indicated that process is underway. Over the past few months, Microsoft phased out the Nokia brand name from its promotion and marketing ads.
The company also started redirecting several of Nokia’s regional websites to redirect to Microsoft’s Mobile section. Recently website posted an announcement to inform users to visit Microsoft’s new mobile site for more info. In addition to that, Microsoft also renamed Nokia apps to just Lumia recently.

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The rebranding will be started from France. In the first phase of transitioning the company will be renaming Nokia regional division’s Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts to “Microsoft Lumia”. According to the sources, the rebranding will help the phone leave a better impression on its global users.

Story: Nokia Lumia To Become Microsoft Lumia

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