Now Mute WhatsApp Group Chat On Android Version 2.11.230 For 100 Years

Ever annoyed of unwanted group chat invitations on WhatsApp? Now the leading messaging app is offering you a way to do so. Now you can mute WhatsApp group chat on android for 100 years.

If you are using version 2.11.230 for android, you can ‘mute’ time for group conversation. The maximum duration you can choose now is up to 100 years. User will now be able to deactivate group notifications and turn off all alerts from group chats.

The latest update will have a newly introduced camera icon and a changed voice-message icon. The camera button is given as a one-click shortcut for your default camera. It gives users a quick option to choose the attachment icons. Please note, this isn’t an official update and isn’t available at play store.  Users can download it via the official site.

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Story: Mute WhatsApp Group chat On Android Version 2.11.230

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