Mumbai Police Social Media Lab To Remove Charlie Hebdo Cartoons Uploaded On Social Websites

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2018)


In a bid to avert any unwanted incident and communal frenzy, Mumbai police removed around 700 posts and pages from social networking websites that allegedly contained the controversial cartoons featured in French Magazine Charlie Hebdo.  Mumbai police spokesperson Dhananajay Kulkarni told that these posts and pages have been removed and authorities are consistently watching the space to remove other instances if there. dd

Kulkarni said that Mumbai police is in constant touch with the servers of these popular social networking websites and asking them to block the objectionable content and material from the site. Websites have been told to confirm the IP address of the account holders who have posted the content. Mumbai police has also directed its social media lab to investigate the identities of the users and account holders who have put up the cartoons.

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As expected, supports of social media liberty and freedom of expression have raised their concerns over its implications on freedom of speech. Mumbai police had established its social media lab in 2013. The lab blocked over 100 posts on Facebook and Twitter in a period of six month for being offensive and disturbing in nature.

Mumbai Police Social Media Lab To Remove Charlie Hebdo Cartoons