Mozilla Firefox Gets New Privacy Features

On its 10th anniversary, Mozilla is offering some advanced privacy features in its latest version. The new version will enable you to delete your recent browsing history and protect your search information.

Firefox has appended forget button and DuckDuckGo search support for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android operating systems too.

Using the forget button, users may delete their recent browsing activity. With DuckDuckGo, they can get  search results without tracking who they are and what they search for.


There is a slight difference that ‘Forget’ button brings to the Firefox when it already had an option to clear search and browsing history.

Forget will enable you to delete history from a set time frame. This is pretty helpful when you want to erase something that you recently searched or browsed. It could be an online transaction or an adult site you visited.  Here’s how Forget button works:

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Here’s how to add Forget to your Firefox browser:

1.On the menu, select Customize
2.Drag and drop the Forget button. It looks like an ‘undo’ symbol.
3.Check the radio button next to the period for which you want to erase the history

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