Mozilla Announces Firefox Quantum: Fastest Browser So Far

Technology giant and makers of Firefox browser, Mozilla, today announced beta release of its Firefox browser dubbed ‘Firefox Quantum’. Officially, the browser is the ‘version 57’ of the Firefox browser.

Mozilla Announces Firefox Quantum Beta

Mozilla had begun working on Project Quantum somewhere around back in October 2016 after a formal announcement. The project aimed at overhauling Mozilla’s rendering engine. Now, after 11 months, the company has finally come up with the fastest Firefox ever.

Mozilla Announce Firefox Quantum

The brand new Firefox Quantum appears to be a game changer as it can pose stiff competition to its arch rival Google Chrome in terms of speed and performance.

A report published in The Next Web states that Quantum is powered by a new CSS engine that allows browser working in parallel across multiple cores. Quantum’s ability to function as a single process on a particular core makes it more efficient than other browsers as it does.

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Mozilla, in its official blog claims that that Firefox Quantum renders tabs on the basis of the order in which they are opened and used. This makes up the browser up to 30 percent more efficient as compared to Google Chrome. Alongside offering new improvements in the latest upgrade, Mozilla fixed over 469 bugs that hurt Firefox performance.

Besides performance improvements, the Firefox Quantum brings notable changes in design language with a more clutter-free minimalist approach. The Firefox Quantum’s Developers Beta is as of now available for Windows, MacOS as well as Linux.

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