Moto Turbo 2 Riview – A Real Shatter Proof Phone In Budget

As we all know Motorola is known for one thing for over last year is the choosy hardware and then sticking to it. The latest phone they have launched is droid turbo 2 which can easily be converted to Moto X Pure Edition or to a Droid Maxx 2 from a distance and the reason is pretty clear that these three phones looks also most the same.


We can see that the back of every moto phone today has a curved design with metal frame and the volume key is just below the power key. The biggest benefit of buying this phone is that this is the first phone that can be customized over the moto maker.

When we see  Moto Turbo 2 with a closer look we will find that the back of the phone is not completely curved but only the corners of the phone is curved which enable the charger to charge the huge 3750mAh battery at a fast pace. This phone is real shatter proof phone and the reason is that if this phone falls down from your hand and hits the floor, you don’t have to worry because the display of the phone is not at all going to suffer.

This phone is made to do that. The screen size of the phone is around 5.4 inches with 2560X1440 P-OLED displays which is way too flexible to absorb the shock it gets when it falls down. We have seen many employees from Motorola throwing their phones to the floor and the phone where working fine without even a scratch and so we tried to perform the tests to our phones as well and we also found the same results. Flipkart coupons will help you buy this phone at good discount.

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At the time of falling, the phones screen hit the floor and there was just a small white spot came but the phone was working fine without any problem. There are many people who don’t know that this phone comes with shatter warranty which means of the display of the phone gets damaged the company will replace the phone, we mailed the Motorola and they replaced our phone.

After that we dropped our second phone the 24 times and we found a small damage to the plastic part which shows that the phone has undergone a huge battle. But frankly speaking no other is able to handle this torture and it will surely break into pieces. Try promo code for EBay India in order to get discounts.


The camera app of the phone is same as other moto phones. But when it comes to operating system the phone is installed with Android lollipop 5.1.1. The phone is well equipped with super power snapdragon processor. The phones also provide LTE support and the processor of the phone are cloaked at 1.5 GHz Cortex A53 and quad core 2.0 GHZ cortex A57. You can install a 200GB memory card. The rear camera is 21 MP and front is 5 MP. It also supports HDR. Over all, the entire phone is really awesome.

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