Most Useful Android Apps of 2016/2017

The Google Play store has exploded in past few years and now there are more than 2.2 million apps available for Android phones. So it might be quite hard to figure out which apps you really need, and which aren’t as important to have from this number of apps. But we are here to help, because here is a list of the newest and most useful apps that will make sure you get the most from your Android.

Most Powerful Android Apps For 2016

Useful Android Apps


One of the main issues most smartphone owners face is battery life or rather the lack of it, because one of the biggest fears of most smartphone users is that the battery for their phones will die and thatthey won’t be able to use their phones.But now there is an app that makes sure that the battery of your smartphone isn’t draining unnecessarily, so your phone can work for a lot longer time.

Although, many latest Android versions offers its own battery-saving tools, like the power-saving mode, Greenify is a lot more efficient and has less restrictions. It is an app that will run on the background, so it won’t impact the use of your phone, but it will help you regulate how much battery different apps are using, because it will freeze the apps you are not currently using and automatically unfreeze them, when you open them. What can be more useful than getting to use your phone for longer?


Pocket is a really great tool, that will be useful for anyone. It is an app, that allows people to save all kind of articles and videos you find interesting, but don’t have the time to read right away. So with Pocket you can just collect all kind of interesting articles and read them at a time that’s convenient to you. The greatest thing about this app is that you can read all the saved articles even if you have no internet connection.

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This means, that you will never be short of something to read or watch again, especially when you have no internet connection. So enjoyclutter-free, ad-free reading or watching experience on your phone anywhere, anytime. And make it even better by using an Android accessories like a docking station or Android speakers to enhance your experience even more.


An integral part of a smartphone experience is WiFi connection. Without that smartphone usage is either expensive or impossible, because it relays on mobile data. The good news is that WiFiis all around us, we just need to find the WiFi connections that are available to us. That’s where WifiMapper comes in. It is an app that gives its users a detailed information on all nearby WiFiconnections, their quality and which of them are available to us for free. All the information is laid out on an interactive map, which is easy to navigate and understand. No more spending mobile data, when you could bet using WiFi.


Fleksy is an app, that installs a highly-responsive and efficient virtual keyboard on your phone. Many of you might be wonder, why would you need another virtual keyboard, right? Well the answer is to have the best and most accurate keyboard available on your phone. Typing is a lot more convenient with Fleksy than with original Android keyboard, because it offers intuitive writing, easier deletion of text among other great features. Write faster and have less typos with Fleksy.

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Having a good map onyour phone is very important, because you never know when you will need it. And although everyone now has Google Maps on their phone, there are other options out there, that might be superior to Google Maps. One of these options is HERE Maps, because it provides everything you could ever expect from an interactive map, including turn-by-turn navigation, search, satellite imagery and so on.

But the best thing about this app is that is has an offline feature. You can download maps of entire countries and use even when you don’t have an internet connection. when you are offline. This is a must-have app for every traveler out there.

Google Playstore is full great and interesting apps that many users will find handy, but the apps on this list are some of the most useful ones, that will make your smartphone experience even better. So upgrade your smartphone by downloading these apps and enjoy the adventure that they bring.

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