How to Monetize Your Sports Blog: 7 Conscious Tips for Beginners

Today, almost no one creates a blog just to share the ideas with the world. Everyone knows that a popular blog can bring money, therefore, bloggers are always looking for new ways to earn cash.

Of course, sports bloggers are not an exception. Moreover, they have a plenty of options to establish connections with famous sportsmen, brands, and organizations.

How to Monetize Your Sports Blog?

Sports blogging can be compared to fashion, travel, and food blogging. It becomes more popular as modern society gets more interested in staying fit and healthy. However, it still has enough space for young bloggers.

If you just prepare to creating a blog or if you have already started it, you are to know how to make money with it. It goes without saying that your content (texts, photos, and videos) should be unique and high-quality as you’ll get no visitors. (How to Monetize Your Sports Blog?)

Moreover, the blog should look perfectly and should have enough options for lead generation and working with the audience. If you have already created a perfect structure for your blog, it’s time to work on monetizing.

Make sure you have enough traffic

If you have only 100 visitors per month, monetizing won’t bring you any income. Moreover, you can spend even more money on advertising than you earn. Therefore, you are to make sure that you have at least 5,000 visitors monthly.

Of course, this is a minimum number, and you should keep working on your blog traffic to attract about 100,000 visitors per month. With this number of readers, you can be sure that your monthly income will be high enough.

Use Google AdSense

So, you have ensured that you have enough visitors on your blog, and now you want to make the first step to earning real money.

The easiest step is to integrate your blog with Google AdSense, a platform that allows to feature advertisements on different websites. If your visitors click on the advertisement placed on your blog, you get money.

The only problem here is that most of active Internet users have already installed ad blocks, and they won’t see any advertisement on your blog, therefore, they won’t click on it. (How to Monetize Your Sports Blog?)

Enroll affiliate programs

If you are an opinion leader and have active community, one of the most effective ways for you to monetize your blog will be enrolling affiliate programs. To earn money in this way, you need to add links to different services and products in your articles.

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Unlike banners by Google AdSense, inserted links cannot be blocked by the visitors, so anyone will see them. Not to make your reader annoyed with various linked adds, it’s better to insert not more than one to the article.

Monetize Your Sports Blog

Sell your products or services

Many create a blog to support their business. If you are one of them, you should start to introduce your products or services in your articles.

For many visitors, a purchase-making decision is rather tough, and they need something more than just a price and a photo of the good to buy it. (How to Monetize Your Sports Blog?)

Never hesitate to describe selling points and best advantages of your products, as people want to know how you stand out among other competitors and why they should make a purchase on your site.

Become a consultant

If you are a pro in some industry, you can try to sell your knowledge. For example, you are good in cooking or betting and can share their experience with your readers.

Additionally, you may use affiliate programs to make a great combo of your personal trainings (like paid webinars and seminars) with links to the websites.

You just write something like ‘I have always been great in betting, and I started to use the most popular platform. Do you want to know what exactly? Just click here, and you’ll get to know that!’

Use native advertising

Native advertising differs from affiliate programs and Google AdSense. The first difference is that you get more money. The second difference is that you devote the whole post for a certain product or good.

Native advertising means that you get paid for promoting some content on your blog. In some cases, you don’t even to write a post, as the company will do that for you.

All you need is to place it on your blog. However, in this case, you should have at least 100,000 visitors, unless no one would like to cooperate with you.

Sell your blog

Sometimes, you just get tired from running a blog. You have already done a huge job by creating a site that will be attractive for the visitors, and increased web-traffic to 10,000 or even 100,000 readers per month. Now you want just to have a rest or even try something different.

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Frequently, selling a blog is the best option for those who no longer want to work on their blog. If you just stop writing on it, you will lose money, as you will lose the number of visitors.

It won’t happen in a day, of course, but in several months, you will notice that the number of your visitors gets lower. (How to Monetize Your Sports Blog?)

In a year, your blog will bring you nothing. If you don’t want to get into the situation when your previously popular blog become a total failure, you can just sell your blog.

The price will depend on the number of visitors, the industry you work, and the number of subscribers who receive your emails and notifications.

No one will ever tell you that blogging can’t bring money. If you take this activity responsibility, work on the number of your subscribers, regularly post interesting content and never stop to increase website traffic, you’ll start to earn money.

Perhaps, you won’t even need to find the ways to do that, as the brands themselves will start to ask you for cooperation. Next, everything will depend on you. (How to Monetize Your Sports Blog?)

Perhaps, you will work only with the most generous companies or maybe you’ll cooperate with everyone who sent you a request or who agreed to work with you. Just do remember that earning money is never easy, and you need to pay enough efforts to earn as much as you need.

How to Monetize Your Sports Blog?


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