Show a Model Home to Overseas Buyers with Virtual Reality

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

Papers, Binders and Emails? No Way! Show a Model Home to Overseas Buyers with Virtual Reality

The application of virtual reality technology has not only been effective in the gaming industry, but also the real estate scene where users are able to preview different finishes and make the development process faster. The architectural design process has been transformed by use of complex VR systems that assist designers to come up with creative plans and designs for clients. This has been seen as a more accurate way to render projects because the technology comes with many assistive plug-ins.

Show a Model Home with Virtual Reality

Jason Vander Greindt founded Render 3D Quickly, a virtual reality firm that has been offering support to designers in the real estate industry. The company has been providing software that aids in the design process and many of those who have tried it have enjoyed a faster and more accurate design experience, which shows how well virtual reality is positioned to enhance the development of the real estate industry.

Such software also offers templates with which to design some areas of the structure like the kitchen and outdoors, so it makes the work of the architect easier as there is no need to do the designs from scratch.

But besides offering a platform on which designers can achieve perfection, virtual reality in the real estate industry has also extended into marketing to offer marketers a great platform on which to showcase their ideas. It has helped to eliminate the need for marketers to submit samples to buyers in hard copy as everything can be accessed through online means.

Virtual Tours

One of the biggest leaps in technology in the real estate industry has been the ability of marketers to conduct virtual tours of the property they put up on sale. Virtual reality has made it possible for buyers situated miles away to take a walkthrough of property to see the amenities included as well as the various parts of the property. This has helped to eliminate the many costs that buyers and sellers have to incur traveling to inspect property because the process offers an experience akin to a normal inspection process.

Most importantly, this technology has gained adoption across different platforms that facilitate the sale of property and more buyers now prefer to inspect property through virtual tours. On the part of marketers, virtual tours have helped to send a more convincing message to the buyer as this allows them to highlight key areas in the house that buyers need to know about. Companies that are already using virtual reality have seen an improvement in performance in the market and their properties are bought faster.

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Virtual Prototyping

Besides ensuring buyers go through virtual tours to see what is included in the property, virtual reality has also brought about virtual prototyping, so before property is developed, a company can showcase the designs to buyers highlighting the way the completed version would look. What is more interesting is that the prototypes are made to look so real you might mistake them for real previews, and this has helped many buyers to decide what features they want to have in their homes.

Additionally, virtual prototyping has also been useful when sharing ideas with builders as the samples are easy to interpret compared to reading a complex design that is presented using figures and calculations. This is the best way to market designs as buyers are able to walk though the different areas of the properly that are proposed to feature in the completed structure.

It is one of the ways construction companies are enhancing sales and getting more people to buy their renders as well as sign deals to have the designs put up.

Accelerate Decision Making

Another benefit of using virtual reality in the real estate industry is that it helps to boost decision making. When renders are clearly presented to clients for interpretation, it helps them understand what they are buying based on a preview of the completed project, and this makes decision making easier as there are no complex previews to interpret or deal with.

With a virtual tour, the buyer can also decide what he/she thinks is necessary to make the property better. Viewership is not constrained by factors like location as the walkthroughs are done over the internet.

Facilitate Engagements

When builders use virtual reality to showcase their projects, it becomes easy to engage with buyers on a number of issues about the project. The virtual walkthrough allows the buyer to spot area he thinks should be amended and this is factored in while discussing the project with the construction company.

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The best part is that fixing such a design is easy since there is no paperwork involved and due to the presence of many templates to use one can make as many tweaks to the project as possible.

Deliver Property to Foreign Buyers

There are buyers who are situated in foreign lands who would like to get good deals on property but cannot reach your office locally. In such a case, virtual reality comes in handy as it allows you to engage them and provide previews of the projects you are marketing.

Many buyers based overseas have benefitted from accessing good projects without necessarily traveling to the main offices of the construction company. Everything is handled over the internet and both parties can engage on the inclusion of amendments to the project to suit the needs of the buyer.

In terms of winning over the confidence of customers, the VR models have been as effective as physical presentations, so sellers are able to enjoy a better opportunity that allows them to easily convince buyers to accept their deal and if any changes are required call for amendments.

The overall effect is that the entire bidding process is made cheaper and buyers are given the liberty to input their voice to help in the design process to achieve a more thorough output. It also facilitates long-term promotional opportunities that will make the selling of property a smooth experience for both the buyer and seller.

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