Mobile Search Surpasses Desktop Searches Again, Says Google

Amit Singhal, Senior VP of the company and eminent Googler disclosed last week the latest stats on Mobile vs Desktop search scenario. In Recode’s code / mobile conference, Singhal said that over half of the 100 billion searches performed on Google each month come from mobile.

It’s interesting to note that while discovering the fact only actual mobile devices had been taken into consideration and not the tablets. Means, when counting mobile searches, Google is primarily counting those coming from Smartphones. Singhal explains the whole picture by saying:

“Search as we think about it is fundamentally how you will interact with computing. Computing may live in a 4-to-6-inch device, it may live in a desktop, it may live on a 1-inch round device.”

Googler John Mueller had also discussed mobile search in length a Google+ post a week ago. He also issued a warning to those whose website is not mobile-friendly yet.

“More than half of Google’s searches are now coming from mobile. If you haven’t made your site (or your client’s sites) mobile-friendly, you’re ignoring a lot of potential users. “

In the recode conference, it was disclosed that Google has so far indexed 100 billion links within apps. The information is indicating itself how search is growing beyond finding web pages to helping people interact with content that lives elsewhere on their devices.

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-Mobile Search Surpasses Desktop Searches Again

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