5 steps to Choose the MilesWeb Shared Hosting for Your Website

The shared hosting is one of most popular web hosting solutions. Therefore, selecting the right shared hosting plan to fulfil your requirement can be a tough job.

Due to heavy competition, it is obvious that you will get confused between the providers. However, selecting a wrong provider will lead to failure and loss in the business. To overcome this issue, I will highlight 5 steps that will help you to search the best shared hosting provider.

MilesWeb Shared Hosting for Your Website

1) Know your requirement:-

Shared hosting is the ideal solution for students, bloggers and hobby websites,etc. Before selecting the right hosting plan you are required to understand your website needs. There are “n” numbers of questions which you need to ask yourself such as what kind of resources your website will need? How many users you are expecting for a day?

What type of website you are planning to develop? etc. If these questions are new to you, starting with the small plan like shared hosting is the best option. Moreover, If you want to host unlimited websites, upgrading to unlimited hosting plan can be the easiest option that you have in the future. So, why to buy expensive hosting plan that is not needed for the website.

2) Compare the shared hosting plans:-

As I said before, selecting the right plan is the tough job for you. But here you will act as a hero for your business website, because selecting the right plan will take your business to the next level. Again, you have to ask few questions before buying the plan, such as are you getting enough bandwidth? How many domains you can host?

Any add-on software you are getting? etc. Here you might get confused between the features, therefore, it is suggested to compare a list of features of various providers. Once you have completed the comparison, you can select the provider that is offering a unique features like free SSL certificate, website builder, free migration, etc.

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3) Research the hosting prices:-

The price is the ultimate factor that every buyer is concerned with. Based on price, buyers are selecting the hosting plans and often neglecting the other qualitative features. While comparing the features, you will observe that some host provides far more or less features than their competitors for a product at a same price.

Moreover, you have to check the renewal cost, which you have to pay during the renewal period. Reason behind this is, some providers charge nothing during the initial sign up, but later they ask to pay heavy amount during the renewal. Check below MilesWeb shared hosting plans in which you will amazing the features at an affordable cost.

India location:

USA location:

Select any plan and server location as per the requirement. To know more, you can contact their support team that is available 24*7*365 days and reach them via chat, email and phone.

4) Get easy to use Control Panel:

The control panel is the important tool that allows you to manage the website. MilesWeb control panel allows you to control your website easily because of the extensive range of features.

You can simply administrate files, emails, databases and domains, website statistics or FTP from the cPanel dashboard.  If you find difficulty while accessing the control panel, you can check their forums, FAQ’s section or contact their support team.

5) Uptime and Reputation:

Last but not least, uptime is the main factor which every buyer should focus. You can check various review platforms to know more about web hosting providers. This will help you to decide the best provider for your website.

Similarly, also pay attention to uptime guarantees. MilesWeb offers 99.95% uptime with their Tier – 3 and Tier 4 data centers that help them to provide the best uptime.

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My Recommendation: MilesWeb

MilesWeb, an Indian web hosting company offers all kinds of hosting solutions and other hosting related services at a cheap cost.

Their head office is located in Nashik, Maharashtra. They provide the three data center locations: USA, UK and India. Add-ons offered by MilesWeb are website backup and restore, web application firewall, SpamExperts, dedicated IP, Sitelock basic, Analytics & webmaster.

If you feel that you are not satisfied with their service, you can ask for a refund. Make sure you are claiming within 30 days of purchase and meeting all the necessary terms of the refund policy.

MilesWeb comparison:

MilesWeb shared hosting

From the above screen shot, you can easily make the decision and get your hosting plan accordingly.


Follow all the above mentioned tips instead of relying upon any hosting provider. In case, you need any help regarding the selection of shared hosting plan or anything related to that you can share your views below in the comment box or contact MilesWeb support team.

MilesWeb Shared Hosting for Websites

Genelia Timothi
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Pavan Singh
Pavan Singh
November 13, 2018 3:06 pm

Nice article! My website is been hosted on MilesWeb and the type of service they provide is excellent.

Prithvi Kumar
Prithvi Kumar
December 3, 2018 5:10 pm

Thank you for sharing the article. As compared to other hosting providers I think MilesWeb is best web host to host my website. Because their hosting plans are more affordable than other hosting providers. I’m also initiating a chat from their website and experience was quite good!

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