Microsoft To Stop Windows XP Support

It had been expected since long and now turned true. Microsoft, the leading IT giant and makers of Microsoft Windows would stop supporting its so far favorite Windows XP operating system.

Once officially announced, no software updates, security features and bug fixes would be available for the operating system. Microsoft had started notifying individual users and corporate houses in this regard. From April 8, Microsoft won’t support Windows XP.

With this exercise, Microsoft attempts to push users towards higher versions of Windows such as Windows 7 and Windows 8 .

Microsoft has launched a website to tell users about the move. As per the website, users will get a pop-up till 8 April 2014 about the termination of Windows XP support from Microsoft. MS is working hard with other solution providers as to encourage people to use higher versions of Windows.

Windows XP sales began in October 2011 and got massive response from the users. According to research firm ‘Net Applications’, Windows XP was the most commonly used operating system till 2012.

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However Windows 7 replaced the podium and pushed XP down. Windows XP is still very popular among the government PSUs and several studies revealed that it is prominently being used in ATMs globally even today.

Experts from Microsoft told that Windows XP was not popular because of its so called extraordinary features but it got attention due to late arrival of the later versions of Windows.

Microsoft is quite concerned that if people continue to use XP even after no update and support, it might lead to severe security vulnerabilities.

Windows 7 and Windows 8 accommodate numerous high-end techniques that protect their internal OS mechanism. Windows XP is very popular in China but Microsoft has no or marginal control on these systems since most of these is running on its pirated versions.

Chinese officials in between requested Microsoft to extend the support but later refused to do so.

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