Microsoft To Launch Windows Hello Biometric Sign-in For Windows10.


For the users of Windows 10 based Smartphone, PC and laptop, Microsoft Corp has big plans in its bucket. A report has said that Microsoft will be launching an automatic biometric sign in option with the Windows 10 operating system. The software may be launched later this year. This is the first time when Microsoft has been planned something widely across devices.

The feature has been named Windows Hello. It will enable users to verify their identity by scanning their face, iris and fingerprints. That means a user will only be able to access Windows phones, laptops and personal computers if software verifies his identity.

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Microsoft Corp said that users’ biometric data would be stored locally on the device to ensure data security from hackers. Windows Hello will be running only on the compatible devices that could run the feature. Chip-maker Intel Corp said all machines incorporating its RealSense F200 sensor will run Windows Hello.

– Microsoft To Launch Windows Hello Biometric Sign-in

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