Microsoft Spartan, Microsoft’s New Web Browser To Replace Internet Explorer

Recently, Microsoft has introduced its new operating system Windows 10 with several key features and advanced upgrades.

Now, the company is preparing to equip it with a new browser rather the age old Internet explorer. Microsoft is working on a brand new browser Microsoft Spartan which will replace Internet explorer. That means, you will see no more upgrades of IE.

The company will ship this new browser with announced Windows 10 update. If reports are to be believed, Spartan will be a light weight alternative to Internet explorer and will support third party plug-ins and extensions.

Once, Internet explorer was the most used browsers but soon it got severe competition from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari browsers.

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There was a time when IE held 90 percent of total internet traffic but in 2014, its share slumped to 58 percent. Spartan is however the codename of the project and it’s not clear whether the product will also have the same name.

The company may uncover the product on January 21, 2015.  Speculations are there that the browser will have a chrome / Firefox like look and feel. The new browser will be available for both desktop and mobile devices running Windows 10.

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