Microsoft Office for Android, iOS Updated with Noteworthy Features

Tech giant Microsoft has brought latest update for its office app with a slew of features. The update will be available for Microsoft Office app running on Android and iOS app.

Microsoft Office for Android, iOS Updated

These features are as of now available for select group of users. It will be made available to every one very soon. Most of the features that will be available in the update require Office 365 subscriptions.

Start with the most important highlight of the update. Now the users can see where other users are working on your document. So that you won’t both work on the same text simultaneously if someone has already opened and started editing the document. This feature will be added to Excel app on both Android and iOS platforms.

Furthermore, the iOS version of Word brings ability to read your documents aloud, highlighting text as it is read. In addition to that, PowerPoint for iOS gets Segment Eraser feature in update. The feature allows iOS users to remove excess ink.

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Users on iOS devices can now set Mobile View as your default view to make the text of your documents fit the screen. The update also brings more RSVP options for both Android and iOS users.

Alongside more RSVP options, Microsoft also added a new feature for Word to let users quickly find out how many unread email messages they have without having to open Outlook. The company has also brought a new search experience to MS Word for Android that allows personalized suggestions, intelligent search and a new Search icon in the app taskbar.

Other feature that has been added to the app via this update includes improved conversations, more options for events and faster navigation. An improvement made to Microsoft Office app also allows users to find presentations stored in your frequently used sites and groups in the Open Menu.

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Microsoft Office for Android, iOS Updated

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