Microsoft May Appoint Satya Nadella As Microsoft CEO


It’s not about an Indian who is all set to be the boss of Microsoft in days to come but it’s a visionary who might hold this position in future with his intellect and far-sighted approach to the business ethics. Do you know who this guy Satya Nadella is and why Microsoft may appoint Satya Nadella as Microsoft CEO?

Satya Nadella is currently serving the position of executive vice president of the cloud and enterprise group (Microsoft). The role was assigned to him in July last year by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. If company sources close to the CEO selection process are to be believed, Microsoft is planing to appoint Mr Nadella as the next CEO of the company. Mr Nadella was born and brought up in Hyderabad India. He did his Bachelor of Engineering in E&C stream from Manipal University in year 1998. He further went to study Masters in computer science at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, and completed Master of Business Administration from the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business.

His career started at Sun Microsystems. Later on he joined Microsoft in 1992 and he has remained there for 22 years. He served there as senior vice president of Research & Development for the Online Services Division, and president of the Server and Tools Business. There he envisioned the switch from client services to Cloud-based infrastructure. Currently he is heading as team-in-charge of the Cloud OS, which manages all of Microsoft’s internet scale cloud services.

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