Microsoft Introduces Skype For Web Browsers


Microsoft released Skype for web browsers today.  It will enable users to make internet calls from their browsers itself. Now they needn’t to bother about installing special apps to make a call. The feature is available the selected number of users and soon will be rolled out globally, probably in couple of months. More than 2 billion minute of voice and video calls are made using Skype across the world.

In a press note, Microsoft said the following:

“It’s perfect if you prefer using the web rather than an app: perhaps you’re sitting at a computer that doesn’t already have Skype downloaded,” Microsoft said in a blog post yesterday. “Or maybe you’re on the go and using an Internet cafe or hotel computer whilst on vacation where you can’t download Skype at all.”

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Skype was launched in August 2003 by two techies who expanded on existing peer—to—peer networking technologies. Microsoft, the US based software maker bought Skype in 2013 for USD 8.5 billion.   

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