Microsoft Edge Browser Updated

Microsoft Edge Browser Brings Password Syncing and Dark Themes

Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned to update its infant Edge browser new features and improvements. The latest update that the browser gets for its users is a cosmetic change in its theme color. The update is only available for the preview version of Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge Browser Updated with Password Syncing Feature

Microsoft Edge Browser Updated

A new dark theme is the latest change that Microsoft edge browser is updated with. The feature will allow users to customize browser and switch to the dark theme while working in low-light conditions. It will eventually keep eyes safe from strain that they up to in such strenuous dim light conditions.

Microsoft Edge Browser is Updated with Password syncing,  another noteworthy improvement in the app. Password syncing, as name implies, is a feature which syncs all the passwords used in Edge browser so that you won’t have to fill them in all the time. If haven’t yet downloaded the beta version of Microsoft Edge, get it from Google play store for free.

Microsoft Edge Browser Updated

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