Microsoft Developer Tools Updated to Enhance Workflow Collaboration

Microsoft, the tech baron, has announced today a slew of updates to its suit of developer tools. The updates are meant to improve the workflows and better collaboration among the developers working on a project.

Microsoft Developer Tools Updated with New Features

Microsoft Developer Tools

The latest feature that Microsoft Developer Tool is all set to get is Visual Studio Live Share. Using the feature, team members can share code so that members work together on the same project within their preferred editor or development environment. The feature would significantly speed up software development process by allowing developers fix problems as quickly as they appear.

Another addition in the tool is Azure DevOps Projects, a feature that’s designed to help developers set up modern build and deployment pipelines using Microsoft’s cloud capabilities. It might be a good idea to start to learn or refresh your memory on the Microsoft Azure fundamentals.

In the feature list, Visual Studio App Center comes at third. Earlier dubbed as Visual Studio Mobile Center, is the suite of services that help users build better applications through remote testing with the Xamarin Test Cloud.

Ahead of the company’s Connect conference for developers in New York, the announcement seems pretty significant. Alongside improvement in Microsoft Developer Tools, Microsoft also announced a host of improvements for its Cosmos DB managed database service and new tools for Visual Studio that are designed to help developers build AI systems.

Microsoft Developer Tools Updated

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