Questions to Ask a Miami SEO Consultant When Hiring

If you want to elevate your search engine optimization (SEO) game, you might want to try getting your own SEO consultant. After all, who better to look after your SEO needs than an actual professional who can handle your search engine marketing essentials?

Questions to Ask a Miami SEO Consultant

SEO Consulant Miami

However, this is easier said than done. In both the international scale and local scale, such as in Miami, a lot of people consider themselves SEO “professionals” because they have acquired the marketing training for such a “title,” but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a good fit for you.

However, such professionals are not impossible to find either. Keeping track of your needs and matching them with the philosophy of your consultant can be your best approach.

It might be to your benefit to learn more about SEO and how it can benefit you when done properly. For instance, Google actually accounts for more than 79% of all desktop traffic in terms of searches worldwide, with Bing, Baidu, and Yahoo sharing the remaining 19%. Translated into actual searches, that’s as much as 63,000 searches for every second of every day.

That’s a ton of searches you can benefit from, which can work to your advantage given that 72% of people who do local searches end up visiting stores if that business is within five (5) miles from them. Moreover, people tend to read three to five pieces of content first before actually considering buying from a service.

SEO Consultants: What to Ask When Hiring?

With the above taken into consideration, getting yourself an SEO consultant is more than just getting in touch with someone in your location with the “credentials” to handle SEO services.

Rather, you’re looking for someone who can best fit your business and branding philosophy and who understands the kind of attention needed to elevate your brand. Here are the things you ought to ask:

Clarify if they specialize in generalized SEO or local SEO:

This is an important part of your screening process, as this likely determines the kind of outcome you’ll have in the long run. Some SEO consultants specialize in helping you develop general SEO, where your SEO strategies are geared towards boosting your appeal to a worldwide audience.

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Some also deal with local SEO, where your appeal is boosted towards a more localized audience. Knowing what your consultant can tackle can help you steer your direction towards the kind of SEO experience you need.

Clarify how they can adapt to the kind of SEO traction you need:

This is especially important to know if your SEO goals are different from their specialization. If they specialize in local SEO but you want to tackle generalized SEO first, can they help you with that? This at least lets you know if they can handle multiple tasks when it comes to handling your SEO needs.

Assess if they are familiar with recent SEO trends and how these can be applied to your business:

Another hallmark of a good SEO consultant is if they’re capable of explaining recent SEO trends to you and how they think this can be applied to your company.

Ask for a “short” and “quick” proposal first, as this likely determines the kind of modern trends they’ll apply to your company if they get hired. This also helps you to examine if their thoughts and plans are something your company needs at the moment.

Check their qualifications and specializations:

When you screen an SEO consultant, review their qualifications and specializations. Aside from local SEO and generalized SEO, try to ask what their general approach to SEO is and their qualifications.

Do they have marketing training? Do they have digital marketing experience? Have they attended seminars? Try to confirm these, so you’ll have a much better idea and understanding on how they can handle your specific needs as a company.

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Check if they have relevant experience:

Ask if they’ve actually handled a company similar to yours before. This gives you a much better understanding on the kind of clientele they had and the kind of people they’ve provided their services to.

If possible, try to ask for a referral or someone you could talk to, so you can have a much clearer understanding of what they’re capable of from a client’s perspective.

Conclusion: Getting the Right SEO Consultant to Fit Your Needs

When you want to hire an SEO consultant, you would want to hire someone who can deliver “results.” As discussed above, the kind of SEO consultant you need shouldn’t just have your SEO needs in mind but also the overall marketing needs of your brand.

Someone who is capable of handling your SEO needs, matches your brand’s philosophy, and communicates openly are just three of the qualities that your SEO consultant should have – and you can find the right one by asking the questions above.

Questions to Ask a Miami SEO Consultant

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