What Are Some Methods to Make Your Macbook Perform Better?

A new computer is great until you realize that it starts to slow down a bit after a while. It is only natural because the same thing happens to every machinery. In other words, nothing lasts forever.

Methods to Make Your Macbook Perform Better

Make Your Macbook Perform Better

But it does not mean that you should look to immediately purchase a replacement. No, there are methods that will reinvigorate your Macbook and allow you to enjoy using it again.

Method #1 – Make Space on Hard Drive

Lack of space on the disk can turn into a big issue if you are not careful with file management. Some users neglect this part and simply let the files hoard until there is hardly any space left.

To not let matters out of hand, here are some things you could do:

  • Take care of the cache problems. Caches accumulate over time and are not visible. It is better to delete them using special cleaning software.
  • Delete old apps. Look at the list of what you have installed right now. If there are applications that you have not used for a long time, get rid of them.
  • Email attachments and downloads also have their separate folders. Look at them and delete files that serve no purpose.
  • Old backups and language files are also unnecessary. Delete them too.

Method #2 – Restart Macbook Regularly

Some applications experience what is known as “memory leaking”. And after a while, this leaking adds up diminishes computer’s performance. Rebooting the system gives it a fresh start and removes any memory leakage issues.

Get in the habit of restarting your Macbook a couple of times every day, especially if you are using it a lot, be it for work or entertainment.

Method #3 – Update Software

Software updates improve performance and stability. It is important to have the newest version of all the apps as well as the OS itself. Even if you have an older computer, a new OS version will smooth the performance. The OS is designed to make older computers run efficiently, so not taking advantage of an upgrade would be a waste.

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Method #4 – Declutter Desktop

Do not get in the habit of having all your icons on the desktop. Instead, put the most important icons in the Dock and have the rest of the files in folders. Organize everything neatly and you will notice how the loading speed and overall performance increase.

Method #5 – Check for Malware and Viruses

If you do not have anti-virus software installed, get one now. There are various cybersecurity threats and if you use the Macbook not just for entertainment but work as well, you risk a lot. Anti-virus should be running in the background at all times. Why endanger yourself and put it to chance when you can have peace of mind knowing that you are safe from viruses, malware, and other cybersecurity threats.

Method #6 – Manage Web Browser

Web browsers take more resources than one might think. If you have multiple tabs open and install various extensions and add-ons, you may find that the browser is sluggish and does not load as fast as it used to.

Keep the number of open tabs to a minimum, and avoid installing unnecessary extensions. Also, different browsers consume different amount of resources. If you are experiencing issues, consider switching between various browsers to find one that works the best for you.

Method #7 – Remove Apps from Startup

Some applications launch together with the computer. If you are restarting it a couple of times every day, having to wait for apps to load up and close them afterward every time is a bother. And it is not just the time it takes to load but also resources consumed in the process.

Go to System Preferences, click on Users and Groups. You will need to log in to your profile. Once there, you should see Login Items. The apps can be removed from the list by unticking the boxes that are next to the name of applications.

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Method #8 – Keep the System Cool

A Macbook will begin to underperform if it overworked and overheated. To avoid the issue, put your laptop on a stand or buy a cooling pad. Air needs to circulate all the time. The overheating becomes a big problem in summers when the temperature outside rises. Prepare in advance and keep the system nice and cool.

Method #9 – Clean Dirt and Dust

A problem does not necessarily stem from the system of a computer. Even if you have a new and improved Macbook that looks nice on the outside, the inside can be a different story.

Whether you like it or not, dust and dirt accumulates over time and cleaning it should be part of your computer maintenance routine. It may be boring and annoying, but all that dust and dirt are not doing you anything good and should be removed regularly to keep your Macbook in good shape.

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