Merits and Demerits of YouTube videos for SEO

Attaining a good rank in the search engine is every bloggers dream. One can achieve this goal if one gets maximum traffic to their site or blog. Sharing their videos in the site has its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand people say, that, embedding YouTube Video on their blog helps the SEO as YouTube today is the second largest search engine all over the world with approximately 3 billion searches each day. On the other hand people recommend that it is not wise for YouTube Videos for SEO purpose.

Merits of YouTube Videos for SEO:

The basic advantages are:

People Search Videos Off YouTube: People don’t have so much time to go to YouTube and search for videos. Moreover if they do visit the YouTube page then it adds an extra step for them to end up at your particular site. Thus, if one embeds the video on their blog or site then the visitor can directly reach for the desired video without having to stop by YouTube.

Google Loves Media: Google is always fond of photos, videos and audio. These things however should be optimized in a more relevant way so that it can be found easily. But on the other hand if one takes this media content and add it to their own site in a SEO way then one can guarantee an increased traffic.

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Building New Pages: Creating and Embedding YouTube video on the site helps in building new pages and lets the owner add media. Besides these adding videos helps in getting a better rank in YouTube video search as ranking depends hugely on the amount of embeds the video has.

Stand Out from others: Very few people do embed videos on their blogs thus using video will help the blog stand out from others. It also catches a lot of people’s attention. Today people are more interested in watching than reading something.

Demerits of YouTube Videos for SEO:

Many of the bloggers on the other hand are hesitant to include the video on their blog. To be fairer, yes there are many concerned issues that the blogger have with video. Let’s go in depth with some of the disadvantages of embedding YouTube video on the blog.

Technology: One needs a camera, and editing software to create a video blog. Thus many bloggers are hesitant to video blog as they are intimidated by the technology.

More Bandwidth: On some sites, videos take longer time to load, thus making the visitor impatient and eventually they leave the site. Moreover many people don’t know how to incorporate it in the blog as they lack the experience with computer and internet.

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Harder to optimize: It is very difficult to optimize a video as it do not have a text element that the search engines can read. Thus it becomes very important to have a relevant keyword in the title of the video. It is also advisable to give a description of what actually the video is all about thus consuming more and more time of the blogger.

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