Google Warns Manual Action Against Closed Job Listings on the Website

Google has announced fresh guidelines around job listings. In its fresh recommendations, the search engine giant warned against not removing Job Postings and listings on your website that have already been filled.

Google further states that if a website does not remove the listing, it can get a manual action and Google can penalize the site from showing job posting schema in the future.

This is what the guideline says:

Jobs that are no longer open for applications must be expired in one of the following ways. Failure to take timely action on expired jobs may result in a manual action.

Following are the four ways you can remove the stale or filled job listings from the website:

  • Remove the JobPosting markup from the page.
  • Remove the page entirely.
  • Add a no-index meta tag to the page.
  • Ensure the validThrough property is populated and in the past.
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