Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Crashed Into Indian Ocean: Search Operations Stopped.

The fortnight long hunt for Malaysian plane MH-370 has been stopped. After a series of speculations about its whereabouts, Malaysian authorities finally told that the plane might have crashed somewhere in Indian Ocean. The families of the passengers have also been informed that none of those on board survived. The prime minister of Malaysia said that that the last location of the plane was somewhere in the south west of Perth, Australia and after that plane gone off the Radar.

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image credit: Malaysian airlines

Prime Minister Najeeb Tun Razzak told reporters that officials from UK Air Accident Investigation branch have informed him about the situation. The results of highly advanced satellite data analysis indicate Indian Ocean as the last location of the plane. The result led to the conclusion that the plane crashed somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

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Razzak told that in a press conference on Tuesday he will give more details about the findings. Families of crew members and passengers have been informed officially. He urged media to respect the privacy of the victims’ family in this difficult time.

Story: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Crashed

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