What to look Forward to When it Comes to Charging

If there’s one thing that most of us do on a daily basis that would be charging our electronics. The reason we have so many devices that require charging is that lots of the devices that we use are portable and when a device is portable it’s going to require recharging because the battery will eventually run out of power.

When newer smartphones come out, the one spec that most people pay attention to is what the battery capacity is and even smartphones can always have larger batteries that can last longer, a larger battery is also going to take longer to recharge. That is why faster charging technologies are so important to have so we can have more power to use at a faster rate.

Quick Charge:

One of the most widespread charging technologies that are being used on a lot of smartphones today is Qualcomm Quick Charge. Quick Charge tech is usable with devices that use specific Snapdragon processors and by doing so, you’re able to charge your phone at a much faster charging speed with an increased Voltage and Amperage too.

Even though all smartphones don’t use Quick Charge, many Android smartphones do and as a result, it has caused there to be lots of charging electronics that use the Quick Charge tech, such as wall chargers; more importantly, other charging electronics such as portable chargers are using Quick Charge which means that you can charge your smartphone at a very faster charging speed while you’re on the go. Or car chargers that also use Quick Charge too, which can make you charge your smartphone a whole lot faster.


As useful as Quick Charge is, there’s really no way to make it universal for all portable devices and that is why the new standard for USB-C is rising. USB-C is now being used with lots of new Android smartphones, and it’s not just stopping at smartphones. This new type of charging is also being used with laptops such as the popular MacBook and also the Chromebook too.

The great thing about multiple different devices using the same charging method is that we’re eventually going to get to a point where we can use the same charger for all of our devices. So the same charger that you use with your USB-C smartphone, is also going to be usable with your USB-C laptop too.

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Also, the rise of Power Delivery along with USB-C is another important factor. That’s because you’re able to charge your larger devices such as USB-C compatible laptops at or near its max power. As the USB-C PD standard is able to output 30W to 60W of power to your devices. There are in fact, quite a few portable chargers that use Power Delivery and that is a great thing as you’re able to charge your larger devices at full power wherever you are and since there are so many companies that are already implementing the charging tech then it’s something that will be important for more devices.

The Versatility of USB-C

Another aspect of USB-C that makes it a lot better than the standard Micro-USB charging that is being used with loads of devices on the market is its versatility. When it comes to USB-C, you’re able to use a USB-C to USB-A charging cable to use with a standard USB-A port for charging and for sharing files too.

Another way of charging is by using a USB-C to USB-C cable, and that that’s a method that enables you to use more power when it comes to charging USB-C compatible devices and if you want to use Power Delivery then a USB-C to USB-C charging cable must be used.

So the way that you’re able to utilize the Type-C standard is also really good because it doesn’t leave you with just a single way to use it and you’re able to have a faster method of charging available if you have a certain cable. With all that said, perhaps the main limiting factor when it comes to the Type-C charging standard is it’s not quite spread out enough.

Sure, there are large companies such as Anker, Aukey and other companies too that sell USB-C chargers and cables. That said, it’s not very common among the general population quite yet and it could be hard to find a USB-C charging cable if you were to walk into a convenience store or a large retail store too. You’re going to have to wait until it really becomes the standard for it to become more popular, and perhaps it might take the iPhone to begin using USB-C for lots of people to know about it.

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Overall, even though newer devices have larger batteries that can last longer, what matters, even more, is just how fast we’re able to recharge the battery as we want to stop relying on a charger as soon as possible.

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