Tips On Successful Live Streaming On YouTube

# Last Updated On: August 8, 2021 #

Practically everyone on the internet has heard of and used YouTube, and there are videos on the platform that covers almost every topic you could think of. Many people create content to upload on YouTube and consider it a source of income.

One of the best ways to engage with an audience directly is to live stream on YouTube. Keep reading for tips on how to successfully live stream on the platform.

Try To Get As Many Users Watching As You Can

Announcing your live stream ahead of time gives your fans the chance to make time in their busy schedules to watch you. Of course, not everyone will be able to make it, but it certainly helps to hype up your live stream before broadcasting.

You can also use YoutubeStorm to help direct more traffic towards your channel, and to your live stream in particular.

Have An Outline Ready To Avoid Awkward Silences

No one wants to watch you (or anyone else) trying to remember what they wanted to say while filling the awkward silence with a lot of “ums and ahs”. Try to plan ahead of time, preparing a rough outline of what you intend to say or do during your live stream.

Even record a practice run to make sure you have everything right. Remember that there is no editing or production when you’re live streaming, so any mistakes will be a permanent part of your live stream.

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Also, practice gracefully apologizing for any mistakes you make – because you’re human after all. If you think you’re likely to forget parts of your planned broadcast, keep notes behind the camera so you can be reminded of every step you need.

Edit The Best Parts And Upload Them Later

As we’ve previously mentioned, it may be difficult for many of your fans to make time in their schedule to watch you live. A great way to make double use of your content is to record the live stream and split it into parts.

Try editing out the parts with less interaction and only uploading clips from your live stream that got a lot of comments and likes from viewers. This way you have new content to upload with little to no extra effort, and it’s content that will likely receive a lot of positive engagement. This way you can grow your channel and make use of the same content more than once.


Live streaming on YouTube is a great tool that can be used to engage with your audience better. If you plan everything ahead of time, you can successfully broadcast without any glitches and awkward silences, and you can market the live stream ahead of time to get more viewers.

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Make sure to edit the live stream after broadcasting to reuse the material for more interaction on your channel. Our final tip is not to stress too much about getting everything perfect, because your viewers realize that you’re recording live and that you’re human.

In fact, it will help you connect better with your audience because mistakes will humanize you.

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