LinkedIn Sponsored inMail Relaunched With 100% Deliverability

LinkedIn, the largest social network is further improving its sponsored inMail product to make it more beneficial for the marketers. LinkedIn inMail happens to be LinkedIn’s prominent product used by the marketers to reach their audience in their LinkedIn inbox on desktop and mobile devices.

LinkedIn Sponsored inMail Relaunched With 100% Deliverability

Key changes have been made to the product to allow mails to be delivered only to the active users on LinkedIn. Let’s see the improvements sponsored inMail received:

Real time dynamic delivery

InMail is now improved for increased open rates and leads. A system is now in place that reaches prospects only when they’re on LinkedIn with 100% deliverability.

Mobile Optimized Templates

InMail now has optimized templates with visible call-to-action that ensure more conversion. The call-to-action makes it easy for members to view and take action on mobile device.

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Rich Targeting Capabilities

It will help members to target their audience on the basis of several parameters like company size, industry, job function, seniority and others.

Marketers and companies are using Sponsored InMail to achieve a number of key objectives such as:

• Boosting conversions
• Focusing on targeted product and service promotions
• Driving webinar and in-person event registration
• Driving leads via content like whitepapers and eBooks

Sponsored inMail is LinkedIn’s significant product that plays a big role in helping marketers effectively nurture prospects. The product is now improved for 100% deliverability.

-LinkedIn Sponsored inMail Relaunched With 100% Deliverability

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