LinkedIn Campaign Manager New Features: What’s New on Offer

LinkedIn appears to be on spree to turn advertisements on its social networking platform an easy going thing. Having this in mind, the company has completely revamped its campaign creation process.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager New Features


The company has reportedly rolled out a public beta release of ‘Objective-Based Advertising in Campaign Manager’ to include future changes into its advertising platform.

“This is a complete overhaul of Campaign Manager designed to make it easier to create campaigns and measure their impact. The newly designed campaign creation experience will lay the groundwork for objective-based optimization and pricing to come mid-2019.”

With LinkedIn’s newly proposed campaign creation process, advertisers starts with choosing the objectives and start working with available ad formats and features that suit their specific ad objectives.

LinkedIn’s new campaign creation process has added following features for users:

1. Easier navigation:

For making navigation easy, the multiple screens have been combined into a single, easy-to-navigate flow with fewer pages.

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2. New forecasting panel:

The process brings in a new forecasting panel to let advertisers see estimates of expected results based on campaign inputs and comparisons to similar campaigns and advertisers.

3. Redesigned targeting experience:

LinkedIn has revamped LinkedIn’s targeting with more emphasis on its user-friendliness.

4. Faster, more responsive interface:

A new technical stack with new updates released more quickly.

5. Live ad preview:

With Live Ad Previews, advertisers can see what an ad looks like as it’s being built.

LinkedIn says that its new advertising campaign creation process will smoothly work with its new reporting interface.

Furthermore, along with the ability of analysing key results obtained, advertisers can also choose from seven additional views to surface metrics that they most care about.

LinkedIn announces that the public beta of this new advertising experience will be start rolling out for the advertisers starting November 14.

For more information you can watch the full announcement video below:

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LinkedIn Campaign Manager New Features

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