LinkedIn Updated with Photo Tagging and Video Messaging

LinkedIn, the Microsoft owned social professional network has announced a slew of new features on its platform.

These features include photo tagging, video messaging and more. We already have these features with other major social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

LinkedIn Brings Photo Tagging and Video Messaging

Seems like LinkedIn taken a cue from their popularity and decided to iterate them.  Recently, the network has added Reactions and live-streaming features to its platform.

LinkedIn announced theses new features via its official blog post. Have a look what’s new on the LinkedIn now:

1. Photo Tagging:

LinkedIn Brings Photo Tagging and Video Messaging


Though the feature was already available with a select group of users under beta, the network has finally marked its global rollout. The feature is nothing different from what you think of it. Now when you post a photo of your new office, you can tag people or colleagues in it.

2. Video Messaging:

Another feature video messaging shows LinkedIn’s attempt to tap ever-growing video market. The feature will allow users to record video clips and send them as messages.

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Now you can record and send a short video message to your team citing the details about the next presentation to be made for the client.

3. New Placements for Messaging and Post Buttons:

With the update, you can see messaging and post buttons at new places. This is to make the process easy, engaging and convenient.

The ‘Post’ button is now placed in the bottom center of the screen, the Message button now lives in the top right corner. The layout of the buttons can remind you of Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter mobile apps.

4. Topic Listings

And finally, LinkedIn made new arrangements on its app where users can now find all the groups they’re part of, and the hashtags they follow, on the right side of their feed on desktop. They can also discover it by clicking on their profile picture at the top left on mobile.

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