LinkedIn Announces A Dedicated LinkedIn Job Search App For Its Users

LinkedIn, the leading professional social network has been offering its users an entire new way of searching and getting new jobs. The network is known as a fully packed and interconnected network of the professionals from the different professional verticals.

LinkedIn Announces A Dedicated LinkedIn Job Search App

It will help you to go through the job postings directly without exploring numerous communities and groups you’re part of. LinkedIn Job Search has most of the attributes of a standard job app. The app enables users to search for the suitable job on the basis of location and other job preferences.


The app is also integrated with your LinkedIn social network so that you can get to know which of your connections work at the company. You may ask their versions about the job and other aspects attached to it. It helps applicants to fill-in the job applications confidently. Using the Linked Job Search app, users can track, view and manage their job dashboard easily..

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-Dedicated LinkedIn Job Search App

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