Line Acquires Five, a Japan Based Mobile Video Ad Platform

Popular messaging app confirmed that that they are about to acquire Tokyo-based mobile ad tech company Five. The company hasn’t though disclosed the standard terms of said buyout.

Line Acquires Japan Based Mobile Video Ad Platform  Five

Japan Based Mobile Video Ad Platform

Five, the Japanese Video ad distribution platform offers services to Japanese media companies and advertisers. The acquisition is said to be the Line’s attempt to improve its own ad distribution platform that company began last year. With ‘Five’ at its side, Line can hope for growth on its video advertising efforts on smartphones.

In an official press release, company said that the acquisition will help Line to speed up the global growth and expansion of the Line Group’s ad distribution business.

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While announcing the news, Line CEO and president Takeshi Idezawa said:

 “As a result of this capital alliance, and through collaboration between Five and Line, the companies will make use of their respective strengths and further accelerate the growth and expansion of the ad distribution business. Line will endeavor to provide a valuable and appealing service to advertisers, media partners, and users.”

This is Line’s second acquisition within a span of two weeks. In November, Line acquired Indonesian carpooling platform TemanJalan. Stay tuned for more on this.

Line Acquires Mobile Video Ad Platform Five