Lenovo To Take Over Motorola Mobility. It’s Official Now

Lenovo, the China based smartphone maker has finally completed the acquisition of Motorola mobility from Google. The acquisition has started Last year. During the period, its moniceker labeled ‘A Google Company’ was removed from Motorola’s logo.

The launching, listing and shipping of Motorola’s niche smartphone range Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen), Moto G and others had been ongoing during this period.

Motorola, in its official blog post, made the announcement. The company also released a press release to the media comprising a link to the post. Motorola had worked on a number of projects under Google namely the Mobile Computing System, Project Ara and others.

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Post-acquisition, Motorola continues to own the Mobile Computing System however Google will take over Project Ara.

Post-acquisition, the HQ of Motorola will remain in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart in Silicon Valley and the company will be selling both the Moto and Droid brands will continue to sell as they were previously sold.

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