Leaked iPhone 7 Pictures Suggest The Device In Gold Color

The latest pictures emerging from a Czech website have been suggesting the latest Apple device in gold. These are the highest resolution photos of the device we have so far. The pictures show that iPhone 7 could be a device with larger size of handset and a larger camera as well.

Leaked iPhone 7 Images And Release Date

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The leak isn’t verified yet. It shows the device in different angles.  Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that the company will launch its next flagship phone, that’s iPhone 7 on 7th September. The timings are in line with what Apple generally goes with. If you brush up your memories of past, you’ll come to know that the iPhone 6S debuted on September 9th last year.

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As there were rumors that the company could drop its headphone jack, the arrival of the new phone might be without a 3.5mm headphone jack.

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