Leading 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot Devices in India

In today’s time, staying connected has become a necessity. The absence of a smart phone or unavailability of the Internet could instantly make you feel disconnected from the world.

Technology today has progressed by leaps and bounds, thereby breaking the barriers in communication. Today, individuals residing in one part of the world can instantly make a video call in real time with a person in another part of the world.

Likewise, news updates and occurrences around the globe are broadcasted to millions through satellite technology and the Internet.

4G Wi-Fi Hotspot

Broadband connections have redefined the way you access the Internet by offering impressive speeds. However, when it comes to traveling, you may probably have to rely on your cellular data network connection.

However, a cellular network connection will only allow you to access the Internet on your smart phone. Other devices like laptops can only connect to the Web if they are linked to a portable Wi-Fi device.

About Wi-Fi hotspots

With a rapid increase in the services of 4G in Indiaportable Wi-Fi devices are trending for their ability to offer the Internet connection to multiple devices.

A portable Wi-Fi device functions through a 3G or 4G SIM card that is inserted in it. In this way, the device will tap into the cellular 4G or 3G network, connect to the Internet, and transform into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

It can then share this connection with the multiple devices that are linked to it wirelessly. Portable Wi-Fi devices are easy to use and offer optimal speeds. However, when opting for such a device, it is important to consider whetherit is a locked one or an unlocked one.

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Locked devices are affordable and can only be used with a SIM card of a specific brand while an unlocked one can be used with almost any SIM card.

Look for a brand that supports a 4G SIM card, since 4G is considered to offer the most superior Internet speeds. Additionally, ensure that the brand you choose can connect a minimum of five devices or more.

Comparison between Airtel and Jio hotspots

The leading portable Wi-Fi brands in India include Airtel and Reliance Jio. You must consider the pros and cons of both these 4G portable Wi-Fi devices to make the right choice. One of the main aspects to keep in mind is the overall look of the device.

The JioFi 4G device has an OLED display that screens information such asthe Wi-Fi signal, battery life, and the network strength. The Airtel device displays such information through LEDs and does not have a special display like JioFi.

Additionally, the JioFi device is priced at Rs. 1,999, while the Airtel 4G hotspot device will cost you Rs. 2,300. With regard to battery life, the Airtel device can last for up to six hours, while JioFi will last for seven to eight hours.

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Both devices are capable of offering a connection for up to 10 devices at a time. Moreover, both the devices are pocket-sized and easy to carry while traveling.

In terms of tariff plans, though, there is a stark difference. If you opt for the Airtel portable Wi-Fi device, there are data plans that start from Rs. 450, offering 3 GB of data.

However, if you opt for the JioFi device, you can easily avail of the welcome offer that provides free unlimited data services for JioSIM users until the end of December 2016.

Post this offer, the Jio Happy New Year Offer will also be launched, which will extend these free services until 31stMarch 2017. Therefore, you can consider the advantages and disadvantagesof both the devices and make your purchase as per your requirements and budget.

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